About Us and Our Story



Hello everyone!♥

My name is Chelsey (she/her) and I’m the face behind Stickeychains. I’m a 21 year old Filipina, currently a junior in college. I graduated in 2021 with a diploma and associate's degree! 

Ever since I was little, I loved to craft DIY projects. From RainbowLoom to polymer clay crafts, I loved it all. It was a way from me to express myself and share joy with others. I made personalized gifts for my friends and family on their birthdays, doing anything I could to make gifts more meaningful. This still applies today as I love to make custom keychains and stickers for my business.

A few of my hobbies include baking, dancing, singing, and exploring new food places. 

I'm excited to create personalized keychains and stickers for you all! This journey wouldn't be complete without you<3



Accidental, but exciting.

During December of 2019, Chelsey walked into a zoo gift shop and purchased a clear keychain with a picture of an otter inside. While inspecting the keychain in the car, she noticed how she could change the photo inside. She screamed in excitement because this meant she could personalize it and make it her own. She later put photos of her and her friends inside the keychain and attached it to her keys. 

Having to carry her keys with her everyday, every time she looked at the keychain made her smile. The photos inside the keychain reminded her of the great memories she shared with her friends.

As more time passed, more of her friends asked where she got her keychain from. This soon sparked her business idea of making personalized keychains. She didn't know anyone else around her creating personalized keychains, so she thought, "why not make it myself?"